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Discover Swing Tune-Up, the AI-driven golf swing analyzer to dive deep into the mechanics of your swing and embark on a path to mastery.

Let Swing Tune-Up capture and replay your swings, providing instant, actionable data. Stay focused on refining your skills.

Swing Tune-Up helps you get ahead with your golf swings.
Perfect your swing faster than ever.
Accelerate your journey to a flawless golf swing with
Swing Tune-Up - where technology meets talent on the green!

Swing Analyzer

Swing Tune-Up provides easy-to-use golf swing analysis tools at your fingertips to easily spot your mistakes and areas of improvement in your golf swing.
Use automatic annotations to skip manually drawing lines and shapes or enable key trackers to track your head movement, spine angles, and swing arc.
Swing CaptureSwing Capture
Swing CompareSwing Compare
Compare your swing with a model swing with
Swing Tune-Up’s swing comparison feature.
The auto-zoom feature shows a zoomed video inset of your contact with the ball and your wrist during your swing, helping you diagnose issues with your shot, such as misaligned contact or a cupping wrist.
Impact and Wrist Zoom
Swing Metric
You can also learn where you are heading with your progress with Swing Tune-Up’s key metrics charts.
Swing Metrics

Practice Assistant

Use Swing Tune-Up to capture your golf swing hands-free at the driving range or in your home golf setup.
It records your golf swing automatically and provides instant replays with visual annotations and metrics.
Automatic Swing Capture
Powered by AI technology, Swing Tune-Up runs real-time machine learning to detect your swings live and reliably - providing a “it just works” experience with minimal setup. It’s 100% hands-free; place your camera and practice without interruption!

It also has a companion Apple Watch app as a remote control, so you can save/fav/delete captured swings without walking to your phone.
Swing Tune-Up Watch App

Swing Video Import and Management

Import swing videos from your own album into Swing Tune-Up with the video importer and analyze and manage your swings in one place!
You can also export and share your videos with annotations to your friends on social media.
Swing Video Import
Swing Video Export

Golfer Community

Swing Tune-Up Golfer Community
Join the Swing Tune-Up community of dedicated golfers worldwide perfecting their swing.
Upload your swing video and get likes and comments, share insights, and provide valuable tips and feedback to each other.
Post Your Swing Video
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Don't take our word for it
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Suuuuuuch a great app!

What it does do it does superbly! It records your swing. It has a verbal feedback that that tells you when it’s ready to record the next swing. (I keep my airpods in so I hear it while listening to music during range sessions). It has some cool metrics that show you posture, alignment, head tracking, etc (pretty std for these types of apps), it saves, you can replay and annotate. Simple. Efficient. Done. What it ALSO had is a super responsive developer/development team who seem genuinely interested in making this app better over and over. I’ve offered suggests… now they exist in the app.

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Great App and Support

This app works great. Has really helped improve my swing by having the ability to quickly view the video analysis. The support team is awesome. Had a couple feature requests and they turned them around super quick. Highly recommend.

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Must-own golf app!
Felt F5

I have deleted several golf apps since purchasing this application. It simply does what I want it to do efficiently. I enjoy using it on the range and have not been let down by videos not being captured, etc. It has been extremely reliable. Their support team is quick and very responsive to end-user feedback and recommendations. I only see this app getting better and better and will compete for the top spot in this category in no time. On range day, I carry clubs, my Garmin R10, my alignment sticks, my tripod, and now this application.

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Best Training Aid out there

I’ve downloaded several training apps, but this one checks all the boxes. I use it with a Garmin R10 and Awesome Golf Simulator and I can’t tell you all the bad habits I’ve corrected by recording my swing and matching it side-by-side to any pros. The overlays for head position and swing arc are extremely helpful. If you haven’t downloaded and tried this app, then your only denying yourself the pleasure of working with a great tool.

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Super pratique

L’outil permet une capture en continue et la sélection des swings favoris en direct sur l’Apple Watch. On peut donc ensuite revoir les swings capturés avec tous les outils en se focalisant sur les swings intéressant. Même si ça peut sembler techniquement très difficile, la capture simultanée avec deux smartphones ( face + profil) ouvrirait des possibilités inouïes, voire une restitution 3D.

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Accelerate your journey to a flawless golf swing with
Swing Tune-Up - where technology meets talent on the green!